Articles tagged 'alpha'

Alpha 19 and the State of the Project

17 Mar 2016 | NG, alpha

It’s been a while since I published the last alpha version of the Next Generation XL Toolbox. In fact, it’s been a while since anything happened at all with this project. Today I however I released a new alpha version and explain what’s going on.

Alpha 15: more fixes for updating

5 Oct 2015 | NG, alpha

Alpha 15 of the XL Toolbox NG series is all about bug fixes.

Alpha 14: Improved CSV export performance and bug fixes.

21 Sep 2015 | CSV, NG, alpha

Title says it all. Download If you have a previous alpha …

Alpha 13: New CSV import and export

15 Sep 2015 | CSV, NG, R, alpha, import/export

The 13th installment of the Next Generation alpha series features a new CSV import and export feature that allows customization of field delimiters and number formatting and can be used for data exchange with other software, such as R.

Alpha 10 and alpha 11: Fixing crashing bugs

24 Jun 2015 | NG, alpha

Alpha 10 (released a couple of days ago) and alpha 11 fix a couple of bugs that caused the XL Toolbox add-in to crash.

Alpha 9 with new Import CSV and Quit commands and VBA API

10 Jun 2015 | NG, alpha, code

Alpha 9 of the NG series sports new commands for CSV import and quitting Excel as well as a simple API for Visual Basic for Application projects.

Alpha 8 with minor fixes.

12 May 2015 | NG, alpha

Alpha 8 is a minor update with fixes to the worksheet manager and the ribbon.

Alpha 7: Working batch export and new screenshot-quality exporter

6 Mar 2015 | NG, alpha

Alpha 7 fixes batch export and numerous other things, and offers a new screenshot-quality export function.

Alpha 6: Fixes for installer and DLL woes

3 Feb 2015 | NG, alpha

For alpha 6, the installer was updated once again in order to more reliably handle different combinations of operating system and Office version.

Alpha 5: Fixing installer issues

28 Jan 2015 | NG, alpha

Within a few days after the release of alpha 4, I received several bug reports that evidently related to the install process. Today I release alpha 5 which fixes these problems.

Alpha 4: Color profiles, CMYK support

26 Jan 2015 | NG, alpha

Today I release the fourth alpha version of the Next Generation Toolbox. This version features support for CMYK color space and color profiles for graphic export.

Alpha 2 and 3 with graphic export and Apache license

4 Jan 2015 | NG, alpha, license

The second and third preview versions (“alphas”) of the XL Toolbox offers basic graphic export features. It is released under the Apache License V. 2.0 rather than the GNU General Public License.

Introducing first alpha of XL Toolbox NG

6 Aug 2014 | NG, alpha

The very first alpha version of the Next Generation XL Toolbox add-in is available for download. It can’t do much for users besides checking for updates, but it represents the foundation of the Toolbox rewrite. Now I can start adding features.