Alpha 7: Working batch export and new screenshot-quality exporter

Alpha 7 fixes batch export and numerous other things, and offers a new screenshot-quality export function.

Screenshot-quality export

The new screenshot-quality export function is something that I use myself quite frequently. When I want to insert an Excel chart into a, say, PowerPoint presentation, I prefer to use image files rather than the copy-and-paste method. With raster image files, what you see is what you get. Copied-and-pasted charts allow for further editing even in PowerPoint, but in my experience, pasted charts are easily distorted in PowerPoint.

The screenshot-quality exporter sets the graphic resolution to 102.42 dpi. This is the resolution that results in pixel-wise representation of the graphic in PowerPoint. Read more on ‘Inserting images into PowerPoint at the right size’.

Worksheet manager

The worksheet manager is a tool that I use myself quite often when working with large workbooks. In Alpha 7, I improved the worksheet manager so that it always shows the worksheets of the currently active workbook. In addition, I added an option to keep the manager window on top of other windows.

List of changes since alpha 6

  • CHANGE: Do not install update while Excel is running.
  • CHANGE: Ribbon buttons are enabled and disabled depending on context.
  • CHANGE: Worksheet manager always shows sheets of active workbook.
  • FIX: Disable ‘Check for updates’ command if an operation is pending.
  • FIX: Do not crash with null reference exception during batch export (fixes #5b60f5b8).
  • FIX: Do not leave stray test file after checking update authorization.
  • FIX: Prevent null reference exception when choosing save file name (#5b0d44c5).
  • FIX: Show progress when downloading update.
  • NEW: Screenshot export feature.
  • NEW: Worksheet manager will optionally stay on top of all windows.


If you have a previous alpha version of XL Toolbox NG installed, you can update via “Check for updates”.

What’s new?

See the new changelog.