Alpha 13: New CSV import and export

It’s been a couple of months since I last released a new alpha version of the NG series. Research (and other stuff) has kept me busy. The new alpha 13 that I release today features new CSV import and export commands that I needed for data exchange with the R statistics software.

New XL Toolbox ribbon with import/export buttons
New XL Toolbox ribbon with import/export buttons

Usage is quite simple, just press the appropriate button to perform the desired operation.

You can import CSV files as new workbooks, or export the current worksheet or the current selection to as CSV file.

If you want to adjust the field delimiter and number formatting, click on the little triangle to the right of the buttons and choose the command “… with params”.

CSV import/export settings
CSV import/export settings

Usage with R

To import a CSV file in R, issue the following command:

> data = read.table("my-data.csv", sep="my-separator", dec="my-decimal-separator")

Alternatively, if you use standard settings for CSV export:

> data = read.csv2("my-data.csv")

(I’m sure you know about all this already.)


If you have a previous alpha version of XL Toolbox NG installed, you can update via “Check for updates”.

What’s new?

See the new changelog.