Daniel’s XL Toolbox allows you to define keyboard shortcuts for commonly used functions. Keyboard shortcuts can be globally enabled and defined in the Preferences (see screenshot, right).

If you define a shortcut in the XL Toolbox that conflicts with one of Excel’s built-in shortcuts, the built-in one will take precedence. For example, even though you can define CTRL+S as a shortcut for any XL Toolbox action, it will always call Excel’s “Save” command; CTRL+P will print the current file; etc.

Not all desired keyboard combinations may work, especially if they contain certain language-specific keys.

Keyboard shortcuts and the ‘Special Paste’ commands

The shortcuts for the Special Paste commands are defined separately from the other shortcuts, so that users can selectively enable/disable the Special Paste commands even if they don’t want to use any other keyboard shortcuts.

Note that they Toolbox does not check if a keyboard combination is used both in the general shortcuts as well as for the Special Paste commands.

Default shortcuts

The XL Toolbox defines a number of default shortcuts:

Command Shortcut
Chart design CTRL SHIFT D
Error bars (automatic) CTRL SHIFT E
File properties ALT ENTER
Formula builder CTRL SHIFT B
Move chart data range left/right CTRL SHIFT LEFT/RIGHT
Extend/shrink chart data range CTRL SHIFT ALT LEFT/RIGHT
Save as (Excel command)* CTRL SHIFT S
Select all shapes CTRL SHIFT A
* Same as Excel’s own shortcut ALT+F2, but CTRL+SHIFT+S is a standard shortcut for “Save as” that used in other software as well.

Keyboard shortcuts are defined in the Preferences.