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Ask your question publicly on the forum and help others who may have a similar problem in the future. This new forum was introduced in November 2016, it supports a variety of ways to log in (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github).

Bug reports

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If you believe you have encountered a genuine bug in the XL Toolbox, you can open an issue on Github. This requires you to have or create a Github user account.

Send an e-mail

If you do not want to discuss your problem or suggestion publicly, you can also send me an e-mail to daniel xltoolbox net (insert ‘at’ and ‘.’ as appropriate). Please note that I receive plenty of e-mails about the XL Toolbox already and may not always be very quick to respond.

Something not working as expected? Make sure to update your Office first!

If the XL Toolbox does not do what you want it to do, it does not mean that it must be an issue with the Toolbox. You might be able to solve the problem by updating your Excel:

Update 1 Update 2 Update 3

Specific issues

Unable to load DLL files

Some of the XL Toolbox’ features depend on third-party tools. Most notably the graphic export commands require the FreeImage.DLL library. If this or another DLL cannot be load, the Toolbox cannot function properly and some command are disabled.

Usually the required DLL files are installed along with the XL Toolbox add-in, at least if you install the XL Toolbox with the official installer. However, a number of users have somehow managed to circumvent this official installation pathway.

If the Toolbox is not installed in the intended way, it may be installed by double-clicking on a file called XLToolboxForExcel.vsto. This will trigger Microsoft’s “OneClick” installation process. It will install the add-in in Excel all right, but it won’t copy the DLL files that are needed. You should refrain from using this “OneClick” mechanism with the XL Toolbox.

If you see a message that the XL Toolbox could not load additional DLL files, please try the following: Uninstall the XL Toolbox via Add/Remove Software, then re-install it using the official installer.