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The XL Toolbox is made available to the academic community and the general public as an open-source program under the Apache License version 2.0.

This computer program comes without any warranty. Use it at your own risk.

About me

I am a physician-scientist at the University Hospital of Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany. I develop the XL Toolbox in my own time.


This open-source project is hosted on GitHub. For many years, the hosting provider was, where the source code (and downloads) for legacy versions can still be found.

The installer was built with InnoSetup by Jordan Russell using my own VstoAddinInstaller scripts.

Third-party code libraries

This software uses free libraries:

  • FreeImage: Image handling library. FreeImage is used under the GNU GPL v. 3. The 64-bit DLL file was compiled by Daniel Kraus.
  • LittleCMS: Color management system.
    LittleCMS is used under the MIT (aka Expat) license.
  • NLog: Provides technical logging (logging must be turned on explicitly if needed to troubleshoot issues). NLog is used under the terms of the BSD license.


The API error message procedure (used for the Auto Backup function) was written by Chip Pearson ( and is in the public domain.

Some programming concepts were inspired by John Walkenbach’s “Power Programming for Excel® 2003 VBA”, and “Professional Excel Development” by Stephen Bullen, Rob Bovey, and John Green.

Some routines are taken from the book “Professional Excel Development” by Stephen Bullen, Rob Bovey, and John Green, with kind permission.

The KLD algorithm for group allocation is a modification of a published algorithm that I developed further. The original algorithm was published by Endo et al. in Contemporary Clinical Trials 27 (2006) 420-431, doi:10.1016/j.cct.2006.05.002.

The algorithm to compute a p value from a q statistic (the studentized range) was ported from Fortran to C++ by Daniel Kraus. The original algorithm has been published as algorithm no. 190 by the Royal Statistical Society.

Website and forum

This website’s layout is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework, with Glyphicons. Pages are compiled using nanoc. The donation page uses jQuery and jQueryUI, both under the MIT license.

This site uses Shariff as social media sharing technology.

The check mark symbol was designed by Arne Nordmann and is in the public domain.

The time trial icon was made by Maxxli2 and is in the public domain.

The talk sign was made by Eugenio Hansen, and AnonMoos, and and is in the public domain.

The book icon was made by Pluke, Doodledoo, and Palosirkka, and is licensed under the GLPL.

The logo on the translations page was made by Stannered, DanniDF1995, Mozaika2, LMFAO, and Palosirkka, and is licensed under the GLPL.

The user forum ( runs on a Discourse hosted on my own server.


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