Articles tagged 'future'

Selecting the right tool for the Toolbox

24 Dec 2013 | NG, future, rewrite

In this second installment of the series on 'Shaping a new XL Toolbox', I examine the available choices of software tools for modern Office development.

Shaping a new XL Toolbox

22 Oct 2013 | NG, future, rewrite

This is the first in a series of articles on the development of a new, better XL Toolbox.

Preparing for the next major release (4.00)

19 Jan 2012 | future, translation

Slowly, but steadily, I am working towards the release of version 4.00.

Road map for 2011

1 Dec 2010 | future

For those users who are interested in my future plans for the XL Toolbox after the 2.73 release, here is my personal wish list.

Excel 2010 Beta

28 Nov 2009 | Excel 2010, future

The public beta version of Office 2010 is available for download from Of course I got it right away and tried the …

Upcoming future additions

18 Nov 2009 | future

I am currently working on several new features for the upcoming release 2.60.

Road map

21 Sep 2009 | future

In this post I lay out the road map for 2009/2010