Excel 2010 Beta

The public beta version of Office 2010 is available for download from Microsoft.com. Of course I got it right away and tried the XL Toolbox on it. I have not yet had a chance to extensively test it, but my first impression is very, very good.

Excel 2010 seems to be considerably more responsive to user interaction, and a number of small annoyances have been fixed. One of my favorites: I can once again double-click on a chart axis to edit its properties. In Excel 2007, one had to right-click, move the mouse far down to the bottom of the pop-up menu, then click on “Format axis…”. Way too long-winded for my liking. In Excel 2010, a double click does the job, just as it did in earlier versions of Excel.

The XL Toolbox ran fine on this public beta of Excel 2010, and it, too, was a lot snappier. Great!

Browsing the help text on What’s New in Excel 2010, I noted that several scientific/statistical formulas have been revised. Unfortunately, the link to the details does not work yet, but that will be very interesting for all researchers and scientists.