What I like and dislike about Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 is out, and similarly to 17.10, there are a couple of things that I like and dislike about it.

Interestingly, I get the impression that there are more and more things that I dislike about new iterations of my favorite Linux distribution. Whatever that means for the future. Frankly, I’ve considered trying Kubuntu… But for, now, I’ll stick with Ubuntu and the good ol’ Unity desktop. I do switch to Gnome every now and then on login, but I always return to Unity.

The following list is by no means exhaustive. I may update it from time to time.



  • On my Thinkpad T430s, the trackpoint is way too fast with 18.04. All worked well with previous versions of Ubuntu. Can’t set the speed in the graphical applet any more. An AskUbuntu answer by @Akiva came to my rescue (although the intention in that AskUbuntu answer was to make the Trackpoint more responsive, not less).

    This might be an alternative solution, haven’t tried it.

  • pdftk is no longer available in Ubuntu!!! Now that’s a major problem. I use this tool very often. Seems there is a fairly simple way to manually build and install it, need to try it.