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What I like and dislike about Ubuntu 18.04

3 May 2018 | Ubuntu

Ubuntu 18.04 is out, and similarly to 17.10, there are a couple of things that I like and dislike about it.

What I like and dislike about Ubuntu 17.10

18 Oct 2017 | Ubuntu

The release of Ubuntu 17.10 marks (yet another) paradigm shift in the development history of this Linux distribution. The home-grown Unity desktop shell is gone; Ubuntu 17.10 offers a Ubuntu-flavored Gnome desktop experience. This article lists my impressions with Ubuntu 17.10. It’s really mostly negative impressions, but some things are better than with Ubuntu 17.04. May it help others make the decision whether to upgrade to 17.10 or not.

Getting Phatch to work on Ubuntu 17.04

19 Jul 2017 | Linux, Ubuntu

Phatch is a fantastic tool to process a large number of photos in the same manner. For example, I use it to shrink images to show on a digital picture frame. Unfortunately it has not been maintained for years, and it will not start on recent versions of Ubuntu. Here’s a workaround.

Getting back custom program icons in Ubuntu 15.10

26 Oct 2015 | Tips & Tricks, Ubuntu

After a clean install of Ubuntu 15.10, all my custom programs had disappeared.

Prevent host-only VirtualBox network from vanishing after suspend/resume

26 Oct 2015 | Network, Tips & Tricks, Ubuntu, VirtualBox

A simple trick prevents VirtualBox host-only networks from disappearing after resume

Synchronize Horde calendar with Ubuntu using syncevolution

15 Apr 2015 | Horde, Ubuntu

Using `syncevolution` from the Ubuntu repositories makes it easy to synchronize data from a Horde Groupware server to a computer running Ubuntu.