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Thinkpad T430s Experience

18 May 2013 | code, hardware, personal note, review

Although a little off topic, I would like to write about my experience with a Thinkpad® T430s. I recently upgraded from my old machine, which was a Thinkpad T61. Prior to purchasing the new machine, I read lots of reviews of the T430s, but still had a few questions, so maybe writing down my impressions will help other people trying to decide which laptop to buy.


15 May 2010 | personal note

I’m kind of busy at the moment and won’t be able to publish any updates for the XL Toolbox for a while… If there’s …


26 Jul 2009 | personal note

Welcome to the XL Toolbox developer’s blog. As the addin is getting increasingly popular, I am planning to post thoughts about the current status …