Here you can adjust settings pertinent to the spread scatter function.

Spread Scatter

  • Max. spread width: Indicates how wide the data points of one group can be spread out on the X axis.

Preferred Mode

The default behavior of the Spread Scatter button/menu command can be determined here.

  • Use my preferred mode: Spreading data points on a grouped scatter plot is achieved either by modifying the data points’ X values in the chart’s source cells, or by saving the X values in the chart’s series formula and modifying them in the formula only, thereby unlinking the chart’s X values from its source cells. (The Y values will always be linked with the source cells of course.)
  • Prompt me when I hold the SHIFT key: If you hold the SHIFT key while clicking on the button or menu command, you will be given the choice whether to change the X values in the cells, or in the chart formula only.
  • Prompt me every time: Gives you the choice every time you click the button or menu command, regardless of holding the SHIFT key.