Here you can adjust settings pertinent to Automatic Backups.

Previous versions are archived depending on the date: A certain number of versions of the current day will be kept, and in addition to that the most recent versions from a certain number of previous days, one per day, will also be kept.


  • Backup folder: The folder where you want to keep the backups. This can be an absolute path (e.g. c:\backups), or a relative path (e.g., backups). In the latter case, the relative path always relates to the folder that the current workbook is saved in. The default value “.backup” ensures that the backup folder appears among the first in a sorted list of folders; furthermore, those (few?) users that also use Linux on their computer will appreciate that the preceding “.” hides the folder from the default view.
  • Keep the last … files of today: Limit the number of file versions to be archived on the current day. Older versions of the same workbook will be deleted as you continue to save your workbook.
  • Keep one file per day of … distinct days: The number you enter here limits the number of distinct days on which you want one version of the workbook archived.
  • Notify me if backup failed: If the backup cannot be created, you will be notified only if this box is checked (recommended). Possible causes of a backup failure include a full disk (e.g., USB thumbdrive).
  • View backup folder: When you click on this button, an Explorer window opens, enabling you to browse your archive files.