Blog posts from 2016

Upgrading Ruby for a Rails application

12 Dec 2016 | Rails, Ruby, Server, Tips

A quick reminder how to upgrade a Ruby version for a Rails Application.

A new user forum for the XL Toolbox

3 Nov 2016 | Forum, News

The new forum runs on the Discourse software, which greatly enhances usability.

How to host a Discourse forum on your own server

29 Oct 2016 | Howto, Linux, Server, Tutorial

[Updated] Discourse is a fairly new forum software that is very comfortable to use. As a server administrator, you can either run it from a Docker container, or pay a fee to use a hosted version. However, if neither Docker nor subscription fees are feasible options, setting up a Discourse instance without Docker involves a bit of work.

Fixing Rails deployment errors with Capistrano

28 Aug 2016 | Rails, Server, Tips & Tricks, troubleshooting

After upgrading a Rails web application from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0 and attempting to deploy it using Capistrano, I got stuck on “Your Ruby version is 1.9.3, but your Gemfile specified 2.3.1” errors that gave me quite a headache – but the solution is really simple.

Beta 4: Stability, keyboard shortcuts, user settings

18 May 2016 | NG, beta

Beta 4 of the NG series is a major step towards version 7.0 final. It sports significant stability fixes, the ability to …

Introducing XL Toolbox Version 7.0.0-beta.1

30 Mar 2016 | NG, beta

After about a year and half of early alpha releases, I am proud to finally release the first beta version of the ‘Next Generation’ of the XL Toolbox.

Alpha 19 and the State of the Project

17 Mar 2016 | NG, alpha

It’s been a while since I published the last alpha version of the Next Generation XL Toolbox. In fact, it’s been a while since anything happened at all with this project. Today I however I released a new alpha version and explain what’s going on.

Fixing VirtualBox virtual machine startup in Ubuntu.

9 Mar 2016 | Fix, Linux, VirtualBox

VBox 5.0 machines sometimes fail to start in Ubuntu; here's a hint how to fix it