Blog posts from January 2015

.NET & VSTO add-ins: Getting the prerequisites right

30 Jan 2015 | .NET, NG, VSTO

Depending on Windows and Office version, there are various different scenarios of the prerequisites that need to be met in order to install and run a VSTO add-in.

Alpha 5: Fixing installer issues

28 Jan 2015 | NG, alpha

Within a few days after the release of alpha 4, I received several bug reports that evidently related to the install process. Today I release alpha 5 which fixes these problems.

Troubleshooting VSTO add-ins for Office

28 Jan 2015 | VSTO, troubleshooting

If an Office add-in that is created with Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) does not load, one has a hard time debugging since no error messages are displayed. However, there is a remedy.

Alpha 4: Color profiles, CMYK support

26 Jan 2015 | NG, alpha

Today I release the fourth alpha version of the Next Generation Toolbox. This version features support for CMYK color space and color profiles for graphic export.

Project template for DFG proposals

8 Jan 2015 | funding, research

In this article I share an OpenDocument text template file for use in research project proposals to the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG).

Alpha 2 and 3 with graphic export and Apache license

4 Jan 2015 | NG, alpha, license

The second and third preview versions (“alphas”) of the XL Toolbox offers basic graphic export features. It is released under the Apache License V. 2.0 rather than the GNU General Public License.