Blog posts from 2014

Introducing first alpha of XL Toolbox NG

6 Aug 2014 | NG, alpha

The very first alpha version of the Next Generation XL Toolbox add-in is available for download. It can’t do much for users besides checking for updates, but it represents the foundation of the Toolbox rewrite. Now I can start adding features.

Building FreeImage with Visual Studio 2013, including 64-bit

23 Jul 2014 | FreeImage, code, rewrite

The FreeImage library is an indispensable tool to create graphics files. Building it with Visual Studio 2013 requires some adjustments to the solution and project files that I describe in this article. Furthermore, I provide a compiled a 64-bit .DLL of FreeImage 3.16.0.

Sharing folders in a home network with Samba

16 Jun 2014 | Linux, Network, Samba

File and folder sharing using Samba on Linux is easy to set up, but authorizations and permissions need to be set up properly to get it to work. Here I describe how to do it for a home network.

Inserting images into PowerPoint at the right size

30 Apr 2014 | PowerPoint, Tips & Tricks

Images that are inserted into a PowerPoint® presentation often do not appear at the right size and may look blurry when the size is manually adjusted after inserting them. In newer versions of PowerPoint, there is a special image setting that can be used to achieve a pixel-by-pixel, non-blurry appearance. But using this setting manually for every inserted image is cumbersome and requires lots of clicks. In this post I show how to set the DPI to a value that ensures proper display.

Turning off scrolling in Excel without a scroll-lock key

21 Mar 2014 | Excel, Tips & Tricks

If the arrow keys do not move the cell cursor in Excel, but rather the entire sheet, then the ‘scroll lock’ function is most certainly turned on. To turn it off, simply press the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard. But what if your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key? The solution is simple.

Export Excel charts to SVG files

25 Feb 2014 | Charts, InkScape, Tips & Tricks

Using the excellent Inkscape vector graphics program, it is possible to export Excel charts to scalable vector graphics (SVG) files.

ELISA curve-fitting

3 Jan 2014 | 4-PL/5-PL, ELISA, non-linear regression, statistics

Fitting a curve onto the standards results of an ELISA is not straight-forward. However, Excel can be coerced to perform the curve fitting using the Solver addin. In this blog post I collect some online resources on curve fitting.