Blog posts from 2013

Selecting the right tool for the Toolbox

24 Dec 2013 | NG, future, rewrite

In this second installment of the series on 'Shaping a new XL Toolbox', I examine the available choices of software tools for modern Office development.

Combining two A5 pages into one A4 page

24 Dec 2013 | Linux, Tips & Tricks, code

In this article, I describe how to create a single A4-sized PDF document containing two copied of a single-page, A5-sized PDF document. This is useful for custom A5 forms that are to be printed in duplicate on A4 sheets, so that two A5 forms can be obtained by cutting the A4 paper.

Using InnoSetup to install Excel addins

22 Dec 2013 | Excel, code, deployment

Introducing ExcelAddinInstaller, an InnoSetup script that serves to comfortably deploy native Excel addins.

Local file sharing with Samba and VirtualBox guests

26 Nov 2013 | Linux, Network, Samba, VirtualBox, code

VirtualBox is an excellent tool to run one or many virtual Windows machines on a Linux host. Its shared folders offer convenient access to the host file system from the virtual machines. However, shared folders may not be suitable for specialized tasks such as storing .NET application-level Office addins. In this article I describe an alternative way to share folders between the host and guest operating systems using the Samba file server.

Fixing LaserJet network connectivity

20 Nov 2013 | Tips & Tricks, hardware, printing

The LaserJet P2015dn printer may lose network connectivity and no longer respond to printing requests. A commonly used, albeit weird solution for this problem is to bake the 'formatter board' on the oven. In this post I describe how I accessed the formatter board in order to bake it in the oven.

Shaping a new XL Toolbox

22 Oct 2013 | NG, future, rewrite

This is the first in a series of articles on the development of a new, better XL Toolbox.

Upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10 with Apache 2.4

20 Oct 2013 | Linux

In this post I describe what I had to do to make my local website work again after upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10 with Apache 2.4.

Thinkpad T430s Experience

18 May 2013 | code, hardware, personal note, review

Although a little off topic, I would like to write about my experience with a ThinkpadĀ® T430s. I recently upgraded from my old machine, which was a Thinkpad T61. Prior to purchasing the new machine, I read lots of reviews of the T430s, but still had a few questions, so maybe writing down my impressions will help other people trying to decide which laptop to buy.